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Mokoena Tumisi wrote this techno piece to highlight this software to people in the Funeral, Burial, Undertaker, Parlor, Underwriter, Policy and Parlour business in South Africa and neighbouring countries.
CORE Funeral Business Software
The problems that plague our funeral business in South Africa seem to compound with no end to the problems. A while ago the FSB. took up an initiative to try and curb the lawlessness that was running rampant in the funeral business. Companies are regulated to register with the FSB. Companies are supposed to be underwritten on the policies they extend to thier membership. All of this makes proper business sense but implementing all these new requirements and policies and regulations comes at a difficult and sometimes impossible price for the funeral business..

Realizing what the FSB and LOA and Asisa and FAIS and FICA were trying to implement into the funeral assurance industry, a small IT company from Pretoria started a solution that was to revolutionize how business was ran and how adhering to the growing guidelines and regulations and polices was going to be a simple matter of running your business with a single user-friendly solution.

Boitumelo Corporate IT Services developed the CORE funeral business Suite. A simple yet extremely intensive software. This was the first of its kind in South Africa to offer a total business solution for the Funeral business owner.
- CORE was purposely built to effectively run a funeral parlor/parlour.
- To manage the day to day running of the undertaker.
- To seamlessly interface with different underwritters.
- And to bring all the aspects of the business to one portal.

This funeral business program is smart enough to manage multiple branches. Invoices and Quotes and even Lay-Byes of stock can be done as easy as 1 2 3.CORE can manage permissions for mutiple users and accept payments for policy holders via debit order or bank deposit or even cash. It was only recently that the people behind this software incorporated the functionality to use hand-held POS devices to simplify the life of the agents and the marketers in the field.

CORE with its built in functionality to manage funerals and manage large group societies is the answer to the problems that have been rife in this business. An easy to use Complaints register helps to give statistics of complaints and assist the ombud in following up on queries from policy holders. An ever growing reporting engine can sms customers and give a birds eyeview of the business. The business owners that use CORE have seen the highest return on investment and for the first time every single cent in and out of the company can be accounted for and tracked by using this amazing solution

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